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Plus Size Lingerie

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What do you mean by lingerie? Lingerie is a fashionable undergarment worn by women. It includes bras, panties, bikinis, etc.

It comes from the French word, which means washable. Indeed, lingerie is washable.

But with the wave of fashion lingerie has acquired a new meaning, and it is popularly known as a very sexy alluring inner wear that women wear.

Now, what is plus size lingerie? They are for women who have large bodies and who are fat or the women who have larger breasts and big hips. Lingerie looks sexy on women of all body types and they wear it to look more glamorous and attractive for their partner.

Women generally wear lingerie while sleeping or when they plan to have those special moments of making love with their partner. This is one of the major reasons that plus size lingerie is famous worldwide.

There are various designs and patterns of plus size lingerie available in the market. Some of the famous models are as follows:

Bras: They are worn to protect women’s breasts and to enhance them. Some bras are transparent and one can see through the bras and the nipples are visible. This is considered as one of the sexy things that a woman wears.

Bloomers: They are short pants which are worn inside, also known as underpants.
Cami-knickers: They are camisoles or knickers that plus size women wear to protect their sexy legs and thighs.

Camisole: This is a type where a top is sleeveless and the fitting of this undergarment is very tight, this even can reveal a woman’s figure clearly by forming curves and patterns of her body.

Corselet: It is a combination of a bra and a girdle.

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Girdle: This is one of the popular types, worn around the waist; they are used especially by women athletes.
French Maid: Even heard of fantasy wear? Then this is one of the famous fantasy wears that women wear. This usually helps women in creating fantasies, role playing and acting naughty.

G-String or Thong: Now, this is what women want! It is a string that goes deep inside the buttocks and forming lanes over the female body. The band is attached across woman’s hips.
Cheeky: Butt the cake baby! This exposes and reveals the sexiest part of the buttocks.

The above were the famous forms of lingerie. Here are other famous types:
Merry Widow
Naughty and Nice
Night Gown or Nighty

In the dawn of early twentieth century, plus size lingerie became very famous and this industry has fetched a lot of money in the past ten years. This is due to the need of plus size women who crave for plus size lingerie. The advancement and the technologies have made things easier.