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Men's Men Embroidered Garments

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Embroidery is an imperative element speaking of Indian fashion. This is felt from the prehistoric times to the contemporary fashionable times. The embroidery enhances the appearance of the material.

Materials such as beads, quills, metal strips, pearls and sequins are employed in Indian embroidery and this is classified based on the types of stitch done on the fabric.

Some of the men embroidered garments include free embroidery, surface embroidery and counted-thread embroidery. Hand embroidery relates to thousands of years and is been exquisitely used throughout the Indian history.

Kantha Embroidery is the popular embroidery form practiced and is the traditional form. This is a simple stitch made on the borders of stylish embroidered garments of men.

At present the fashion industry is doing the same embroidery on garments such as dupatta, saris, kameez and men shirts. The main fabric used is silk and cotton.

The men embroidered garments collection is extensively available to suit occasions and special events. Kinari and Gota are some of the famous embroidery works done on designer saris.

This embroidery involves lots of patience and especially the kinari embroidery is done only on the edges and the Muslim craftsmen are predominant in their skills. Phulkari embroidery is used extensively in Punjab and Haryana.

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This embroidery is done using silk or satin thread. However, Indian embroidery enjoys a great respect in foreign countries. Stylish embroidered garments of men mainly refer to the kurta pajamas that are decorated with handicrafts and this includes embroidery.

Embroidery comprises of embedding materials on kurta pajama and giving it a complete distinguished look. Men embroidered garments collections are available easily because manufacturers have exclusive embroidery machines that automates designs precisely and also produces faster.

In fact, embroidered kurta Pajamas appreciated by people all over the globe. The ornate and tedious embroidery that is executed on kurta Pajamas is known as the “Zardosi”. This refers to the embroidery that is done using metal thread and not the usual silk or rayon.

Men embroidered garments also have patterns done by skilled craftsmen and embellish it using different beads and colored stones. Designs of embroidery appear highlighted or dull depending on the underlying base material.

Sometimes the embroidery is only on the collar and this itself gives the entire attire an opulent and traditional look. Recently, the embroidery work also includes Chinese embroidery done in conventional styles.

However, any embroidered men garment has a special uplift as generally the men's clothes refer to simple trousers, pants, casual wear, shorts, and few more. The embroidered garments are the appropriate garments that makes them outstanding even in a big crowd.

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